Helping primary care to support people with dementia

Doncaster Dementia Action Alliance

July 9 2015
Sovereign House, Heavens Walk, Doncaster, DN4 5HZ

The Doncaster Dementia Action Alliance is leading the work to ensure that Doncaster becomes a Dementia Friendly community in which people living with dementia and their carers feel confident, knowing they can access the support they need and participate in activities which are meaningful to them.

We aim to reduce the stigma and raise understanding of dementia through awareness raising activities, training and education to improve the services delivered locally so that people living with dementia are able to continue doing the things they enjoy within their own community for longer.

We aim to increase the number of people living with dementia who receive a diagnosis and for that diagnosis to be made earlier.

To do this, we need to bring together the whole borough in making a difference to those with living with dementia, including families and carers.

To achieve this, Doncaster working to become dementia friendly will focus on the following 10 key areas which are identified by the Alzheimer’s Society: Building Dementia Communities

  1. Involvement of people with dementia
  2. Challenge stigma and build understanding
  3. Accessible community activities
  4. Acknowledge potential
  5. Ensure an early diagnosis
  6. Practical support to enable engagement in community life
  7. Community-based solutions
  8. Consistent and reliable travel options
  9. Easy to navigate environments
  10. Respectful and responsive businesses and service


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