Helping primary care to support people with dementia

Sporting Memories Network

March 2 2015
Orchard House, Long Street, Topcliffe. North Yorkshire, YO7 3RL

The Sporting Memories Network, also known as Replay, is a national charity which promotes the use of sporting memories to improve the wellbeing of older people and to tackle dementia, depression and social isolation.

Sport has a universal appeal across communities, generations and families, yet is rarely offered as a reminiscence activity for older people. Using the  guides and materials developed by the cahrity, families, friends, care staff and volunteers can quickly gain the confidence to start exciting and stimulating sports reminiscence work.

Sporting reminiscence is fun, it’s stimulating, it evokes magical memories, sparks conversation and debate, brings people together and allows people to share the passion they have for their favourite sports. The benefits of sporting reminiscence are very clear to those who have experienced it.

There are many options available, from group work in day centres or care homes through to large scale digital inter-generational community projects. There are opportunities in a growing number of locations across England, Scotland and Wales.

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