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May 1 2015

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) has appointed Dementia Pathfinders Community Interest Company as the new host organisation for the Dementia Roadmap.

Building on the early success of the Dementia Roadmap initiative, which saw nine local roadmap installations and a further 11 roadmaps reach an advanced stage of development, Dementia Pathfinders will proactively seek the support of Clinical Commissioning Groups, Health and Wellbeing Boards and Local Authorities, with the aim of creating 60 additional roadmaps during the next three years.

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The Dementia Roadmap is an online platform providing up-to-date information about dementia diagnosis, treatment and services, to help GPs, nurses and other health and social care professionals deliver the best possible care for people with dementia and their families throughout the dementia ‘journey’.

Accurate information and timely referral are the cornerstones of good dementia practice, making the Dementia Roadmap a pivotal resource for local providers.

The early development of the Dementia Roadmap was led by the RCGP and funded by the Department of Health. The project was supported by NHS England, three Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and the Alzheimer’s Society.

Dementia Pathfinders will host the Dementia Roadmap from 1 April 2015 until 31 March 2018, subject to annual review.

Dementia remains a high priority, with the number of people diagnosed rising year on year. Under the previous Coalition government, David Cameron published his ‘Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia 2020’.

Barbara Stephens, Chief Executive of Dementia Pathfinders, said:

“There is wealth of information available to help GPs and healthcare professionals give optimal dementia care, however primary care staff often have difficulty finding the information they need when they’re with patients, especially about local services.

The Dementia Roadmap is designed to ensure that local dementia information is at the fingertips of healthcare providers. We’re delighted to be leading the roll-out of the Dementia Roadmap nationally and urge local commissioners to join us in equipping their primary care teams with the resources they need to give the best possible care to people with dementia and their families”.

Dr Jill Rasmussen, Dementia Clinical Lead for RCGP, said:

“The Dementia Roadmap has proved to be an invaluable resource not only to Primary Care professionals but also to people with dementia, their families and carers. By combining up to date, quality information about national topics with local information, this is the one place that health and social care professionals as well as the general public can turn to for information about concerns about memory and all aspects of dementia – recognition, different subtypes of dementia, diagnosis, management, risk reduction and participation in research.”

There has been a positive response from local GPs and patients to the Isle of Wight Dementia Roadmap.

Michelle Legg, GP Dementia Lead, NHS Isle of Wight CCG, said:

“Our primary care teams including GPs, dementia advisors, practice managers and nurses are using the information within the Isle of Wight Roadmap to better assess and identify patients who present with symptoms suggestive of dementia. It is also helping them to better diagnose patients and improve the coding of dementia cases on the practice register.

One of the most significant benefits of the Roadmap is that our primary care teams are able to provide improved support after diagnosis, reassuring patients and their carers by signposting them to local support groups. This includes memory cafes, singing for the brain groups, lunch clubs, social groups, day centres and respite care”.

The RCGP and the Department of Health will continue to endorse the Dementia Roadmap.

To find out more about the Dementia Roadmap or register your interest for setting up a local roadmap visit or email


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For more information, please contact:

Barbara Stephens
07774 935905

Dr Jill Rasmussen
07785 226446

About Dementia Pathfinders

Dementia Pathfinders is a not-for-profit social enterprise providing education and training for the health and social care workforce and delivering therapeutic and social support for people with dementia and their families. The company seeks to build partnerships with individuals and groups to create better understanding of the needs and aspirations of people with dementia. Partners include academic institutions, independent providers of services and public sector organisations in health and social care. Dementia Pathfinders uses networks to publicise pioneering work delivered at local level with the aim of sharing best practice and promoting innovation.

About the Dementia Roadmap

The Dementia Roadmap is an online platform that provides high quality information about the dementia journey alongside local information about services, support groups and care pathways to assist primary care staff to more effectively support people with dementia and cognitive impairment, their families and carers.

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