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Care home enablement service

April 2 2014
North Somerset Council, Town Hall, Walliscote Grove Road, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1UJ

Giving people the time and space to re-learn skills they may have lost due to poor health and impairment is the aim of the care home enablement service.

‘Enablement’ is provided in a care home following a spell in hospital or problems at home so that the person has the chance to re-learn skills in a safe environment.

It is designed  for people who may have considered  moving permanently into a care home after their hospital stay. Instead, enablement aims to help people to return to their own homes and continue living independently for as long as possible.

Health and social care workers work with the person to create a support plan, helped by care home staff.

Enablement lasts for as long as it is needed, which is usually between one and six weeks. During this time assessments by health or social care professionals will be made, as well as
therapist support, if necessary.

If you sign up to the scheme, you will be required to pay for or make a contribution to the care home during your stay. The current fixed weekly charge can be discussed with your care manager, but additional services and support you need while in the home will be free of charge.

Advice is also offered about how to maintain your home while you are in the care home, such as benefits advice, assistance with shopping, or visits to check security, heating and pipes.

For more information download the care home enablement leaflet

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