Helping primary care to support people with dementia

North Somerset Dementia Pathway

February 19 2014

The North Somerset Dementia Pathway outlines the services which are in place to support people with dementia, their family and carers.

Download North Somerset Dementia Pathway

North Somerset Dementia Pathway

The pathway also includes the core principles that people with dementia, their family and carers can expect from the services supporting them. These include:

  • We will be supported to live well
  • We will be treated with dignity and respect
  • Services will be easily accessible
  • We will have choice about the services, support and interventions we receive
  • The services and support we receive will be of good quality and meet all relevant standards and requirements
  • We will receive personalised services which are tailored to our needs and wishes
  • The support we receive will be flexible and enable us to to live lives of the best possible quality
  • We will receive timely interventions
  • We will receive reliable, sustainable and integrated care and support
  • The diagnosis of dementia will be given in a timely way to enable us to access the care and support we need and want
  • We will supported to adjust to the diagnosis
  • We will be provided with information which we understand at the right time
  • Our GP will actively support us and manage our physical and mental health in a holistic way
  • We will be supported to make decisions about our care and our future
  • We will be able to access 24 hour care and support in the event of a crisis
  • We will be supported to ensure that the person with dementia has a good death and dies in the place they want to

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