Helping primary care to support people with dementia

Better care for older people

July 11 2014

This online resource published by the General Medical Council aims to help doctors challenge the stereotypes associated with older people and tackle the most common concerns older people have about their care.

Resources include guidance, case studies, tips, tools and signposts for discussion with colleagues and to share with patients.

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The resources are organised by three themes that are important to older people and their doctors.

  1. Giving older people good care – from making sure that older patients are treated with respect and dignity in consultations, to helping them manage the pain of a long-term condition, this section examines some of the issues you may face when treating older people.
  2. Working in partnership with older people – by listening to and working with older patients, you can help them to better care for themselves outside of health services. This section explores ways to work with patients and carers to achieve this.
  3. Equal access to care – a patient’s age shouldn’t determine the standard of treatment and care they get. This section explores some of the themes and challenges you may face in making sure your patients get equal access to care, no matter what their age.

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