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Dementia Commissioning know how guide

December 17 2018

This resource aims to enable Clinical Commissioning Groups to achieve and maintain dementia diagnosis rate of at least two-thirds of the estimated number of people with dementia, and improve the quality of and access to post diagnostic care for people living with dementia and their carers.

Download the Dementia Commissioning know how guide

The know how guide contains usefull information and links to documents, case studies and tools to help to achieve commissioning ambitions.

The know how guide covers the dementia care pathway and advocates a systematic, standardised approach to investigating and enhancing the attributes and processes that positively impact effective commissioning of dementia care services.

After working through the document, commissioners should be able to identify and develop, or enhance, the abilities and processes that need to be in place in order to successfully deliver commissioning of high quality dementia care services including:

  • Strategic and leadership qualities and abilities
  • Awareness of current performance
  • Collaborative working with service providers
  • Use of appropriate levers and incentives
  • Accuracy and use of data in monitoring and reporting
  • Resources to address any gaps or improvements required
  • Futureproofing knowhow

This tool to support commissioning dementia services will help CCGs and STPs to:

  • Improve the Dementia Diagnosis Rate as a continuous process.
  • Assist with the refinement of local diagnosis processes and the dementia care path- way to deliver in line with the Implementation guide and resource pack for dementia care and improve outcomes for patients and carers.
  • Realise the national ambition to provide consistently good quality, evidence-based dementia care and support for patients and carers.

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