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Dementia Peer Support Resource Pack

April 24 2015
Dementia Peer Support Resource Pack

This resource pack, published by the Health Innovation Network, the Academic Health Science Network for South London, aims to promote and encourage more peer support opportunities for people with dementia.

The resource pack introduces the concept of a ‘Peer Support System’ that recognises the value of social opportunities for people with dementia to meet others in the community, whether they are informal or structured opportunities, dementia specific or available to everyone to enjoy.

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The resource pack contains:

  • Case studies and films of people with dementia and their relatives talking about how important peer support is for them.
  • Films of group facilitators and volunteers who support people with dementia.
  • Information on making existing groups dementia friendly with resources on improving the group environment and group activities.
  • How to set up and run groups for people with dementia, including information on staff training, fundraising sources and evaluation aids.

The resource pack is designed for:

  • Statutory, community and voluntary sectors who want to offer people with dementia the opportunity to meet others in a similar situation.
  • People setting up, running or involved in peer support groups or community and activity groups which include, or could include people with dementia.
  • People who are commissioning or funding services for people with dementia.

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