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Dementia wellbeing in the COVID-19 pandemic

September 28 2020

This resource is primarily for clinicians working with people with dementia, but can also be used by carers and people with dementia. This document takes the Dementia Well Pathway and sets out the adjustments and amendments needed to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. It highlights key priorities and actions for each step in the pathway.

It spans community, in-patient and other health and social care settings and signposts to useful resources from a variety of organisations. A resource section for people with dementia and their carers is also included.

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  • Preventing Well Keeping fit and active to prevent the mental and physical consequences of isolation
  • Diagnosing Well Maintaining diagnostic services and awareness of symptoms of COVID-19
  • Treating Well Ensuring access to the best treatment available
  • Supporting Well Providing personalised care and support to carers at home and people in care homes
  • Living Well Optimising the lived experience of dementia
  • Dying Well Ensuring the needs of people with dementia are met at the end of life

Dementia wellbeing in the COVID-19 pandemic

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