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John’s Campaign

January 15 2018

John's CampaignJohn’s Campaign is about the right of people who care for someone living with dementia to be able to stay with them – and the right of people with dementia to be able to have a family carer stay with them.

It applies to all hospital settings: acute, community, mental health and its principles could extend to all other caring institutions where people are living away from those closest to them.

John’s Campaign recognises the important role of those family members who care for people who are living with dementia. Behind its simple statement of purpose lies the belief that carers should not just be allowed but should be welcomed, and that a collaboration between the patients and all connected with them is crucial to their health and their well-being.

John’s Campaign website outlines the history of John’s Campaign, showcases the voices of some of those who have provided its inspiration and support, and provides details of the organizations with whom John’s Campaign has worked in partnership.

To get in touch, please email Julia Jones or Nicci Gerrard Julia can also be reached by phone on 01245 231898.

You can also follow John’s Campaign on Facebook,  Twitter and YouTube.

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