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Joint declaration on post-diagnostic dementia care and support

January 8 2016

This joint declaration signed by signatories across government, health, social care and the third sector sets out a shared commitment to deliver good quality post-diagnostic dementia care.

Read the Joint declaration on post-diagnostic dementia care and support

Key signatories to the declaration include the Department of Health, NHS England, the Local Government Association, Public Health England, Health Education England, the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services and the Royal College of General PractitionerDecdecs.

The declaration aims to ensure:

  • the views of people living with the effects of dementia and their families and carers are taken fully into account when determining the nature of post-diagnostic services offered, with high quality personalised care provided in line with individual needs and preferences
  • access to holistic, integrated and effective post-diagnostic support is available for all, which takes into account age, ethnicity, diagnosis and co-morbidities
  • the health, physical and emotional needs of families and carers are fully recognised, and their views are taken into account, especially at times of change. They are supported by receiving appropriate information and training on caring for someone with dementia and given access to appropriate support to meet their needs
  • people living with the effects of dementia, their families and carers, as well as health, social care and third sector professionals, are aware of what local services are available and how to access them, to enable people to live and die as well as possible with dementia
  • appropriate evidence is available across health and social care on best practice in post-diagnostic care, what best meets people’s needs and what initiatives are cost-effective
  • all professionals in health, social care and the third sector who support people with dementia have appropriate information, knowledge and understanding of the condition and what constitutes good quality post-diagnostic care services
  • appropriate dialogue takes place on making the best use of resources to ensure that services are available. Partners across government, health, social care, the third sector and all other relevant agencies cooperate and collaborate to improve outcomes for people with dementia
  • health and social care services are coordinated and fully integrated to meet the post-diagnostic needs of people with dementia and their families and carers, and
  • people living with the effects of dementia and their families and carers are made aware of and given the opportunity to participate in relevant research.

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