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The experiences, needs and outcomes for carers of people with dementia

March 30 2016

This comprehensive literature review undertaken by the the Association of Dementia Studies at the University of Worcester, examines the experiences and needs of carers of people with dementia and the evidence of outcomes produced from a wide range of interventions.

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The evidence contained within this document will be of use to commissioners and providers across all sectors of care and health services to enable the continual improvement of their support to carers of people with dementia.

This literature review provides an up-to-date review concerning the evidence in relation to the following questions:

  1. What is the experience of caregiving for a person living with dementia, and in what context does caregiving take place?
  2. What implications does caregiving have for the person/family member involved in caregiving and the person with dementia?
  3. What is currently known about the factors that protect or increase the risk of poor outcomes in caregiving?
  4. What evidence is there for interventions to support family caregiving and reduce the risk of poor outcomes and how is this delivered in relation to:
    1. Information and Education
    2. Multi-component, psycho-educational
    3. Psychological Interventions
    4. Peer support and other social interventions
    5. Assistive technology and new media
  5. What form of service provision is required to support family caregivers? This will include consideration of such issues as:
    1. How might a service be delivered?
    2. What factors will influence delivery including location, design, accessibility and flexibility?
  6. Who will the service be for and how can family caregivers be supported to engage with the service?

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