Helping primary care to support people with dementia

Training resources to improve the dementia component of the NHS Health Check

February 12 2018

These training resources can be used by NHS Health Check trainers and practitioners to improve the quality of their delivery of the dementia component of the check.

The training resources cover all three mandated components of dementia:

  1. General awareness of the signs and symptoms of dementia
  2. Risk reduction, raising awareness that ‘what is good for your heart is good for your brain’.
  3. Signposting to places to find out more information about dementia.

Presentation for use in training events

Helping your brain stay healthy slide set

This PowerPoint presentation can be used for trainers and practitioners to support staff in delivering the dementia component of the NHS Health Check. Trainers are welcome to adapt the slides to fit with their own training packages.


This document includes references to support the slide set.


A series of short films that can be used within training.

Dementia leaflet

There is a dedicated NHS Health Check Dementia Leaflet which can be used during an NHS Health Check and a short guide for NHS Health Check practitioners on how to use the leaflet.

Prompt sheet

NHS Health Check Dementia Prompt Sheet

This document is designed to support practitioners when having conversations with patients on reducing the risk of dementia during an NHS Health Check, this supplements the NHS Health Check dementia leaflet.

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