Helping primary care to support people with dementia

Ash Lodge Nursing Home

April 29 2020
Ash Lodge Nursing Home, 135 Londonderry Lane, Smethwick B67 7EL, UK

Staff at Ash Lodge recognise and promote each individual’s privacy, dignity, lifestyle preferences, their right to make choices and the right to participate in their own care.

Staff believe that ageing is a natural and normal life process. Age does not limit or change a person’s right to experience life to it’s fullest through self-determination.

It is dedicated to maximising job satisfaction and the knowledge of the team through appropriate induction, on-going training and recognition.

Staff strive to promote the maximum level of health, independence, coping skills, self-confidence, self-esteem, community and family involvement for all individuals receiving care.

Mealtimes are a social occasion at Ash Lodge and staff cater for special diets such as diabetic, soft food, Asian, Afro-Caribbean and vegetarians.

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