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Care and support assessments in Sandwell

April 27 2020

Everyone living in Sandwell is entitled to a free care and support assessment. Sandwell Council do a care and support assessment (self-directed assessment) to find out what support you need and how much help you can get from us and from other services that we work with.

During the assessment Sandwell Council will ask you some questions so we can find out more about your personal circumstances and the support you need. This could be over the phone or at a visit, depending on your situation.

To get an assessment contact the Sandwell Enquiry team by email or call 0121 569 2266. Find out more on the Sandwell Council website.

If you are in hospital, talk to staff on the ward. Sandwell Council have a team of health and social care staff who work together to make sure that the right care is in place for you so that you can be discharged safely from hospital.

Find out more about the eligibility criteria and how Sandwell Council decides if you can have social care services.

If you are not eligible for help from adult social care, we can still refer you to some of our services. Most of these services are free. For example, equipment and adaptations, telecare, welfare rights advice and support services for people with sight or hearing loss.

Short-term services are free but for longer term help Sandwell Council will ask and assist you to complete a financial assessment form to work out how much, if anything, you can afford to pay.

Sandwell Council aims to start assessments within two days and finish them within 28 days and have all services in place to support you within two months of your first contact.

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